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Join OneCrop in eliminating 2 million tons of agricultural plastic pollution and averting an environmental crisis.

With its market leading degradable mulch films, OneCrop addresses a multi-billion dollar global market and aims to radically improve the global yield of target crops while eliminating plastic pollution.


  • Its leading innovation disrupts the agri-food value chain, which secured OneCrop first prize at the Future Food Asia Awards 2018
  • OneCrop has a unique, degradable, soil safe, scalable solution suitable for commercial broadacre farming
  • Proven in-field trials have boosted crop yields by up to 48% to generate additional revenue for farmers.
  • OneCrop films increase revenues + reduce costs substantially increasing farmer profitability
  • Eliminates ‘white pollution’ in China from pollutant plastic films that devastate soils & waterways
  • Clear addressable market of US$4.5bn in target territories with the most superior available product.
  • Experienced executive team with pedigree and expertise to drive the accelerated growth plan.
  • Environmentally-friendly solution with strong financial fundamentals = optimal impact investment.


OneCrop has teamed up with Venture Crowd to allow both large and small investors help us make a difference in the world of agriculture, the following web link will take you directly to the OneCrop Venture Crowd page.  View the OneCrop Venture Crowd investor page here