OneCrop Score Results with the CSD Variety Trials at “Wamara”, Darling Downs

The CSD Variety Trials at “Wamara” farm on Queensland’s Darling Downs have been collated in what has been a very tough start to the cotton season, and show positive results for crops grown under our OneCrop film. The story is not complete as we will need the ginned results – but this is a very good indicator on how the crops have been tracking through the season.

The figures show the results of four seed varieties which are all Monsanto seed with Bollguard 3 technology.

The farmer chose to try variety 746 both sown conventionally and also under the OneCrop Film, to get a benchmark on each other.

From the data, we can see that out of the 16 seeds sown per meter, 8.8 of these germinated and became a bonafide crop.  This is lower than the ten seeds per meter usually required – but it was a tough start to the season. This is actually the lowest germination rate of the two trials that actually worked. However, the other 3 variety trials had to be replanted as they failed to germinate.  You should notice that the replanted seed, as it was re-sown in a warmer period, has a much better establishment rate – but with a fortnight lost, it will struggle to catch up.

This is a great result:

  • The same variety under film took with the first effort. That variety with no film had to be replanted thus proving the risk mitigation ability of our system.
  • The conventionally planted 746 seed had to be replanted just over a fortnight later along with the two other varieties that did not germinate.
  • The Mid-Squaring data shows us that we were always the biggest crop.
  • The First Flower data shows us that were amongst the top performers in terms of potential at this point.

Finally, for now, until we have Ginned results we can see just how far ahead the OneCrop system brought the 746 variety, as at Cut-Out (30/01/2017) our crop was showing 155 pieces of fruit per linear metre, vs 111 on the same variety by the time it cut out (03/02/2017). This is the greatest amount of fruit out of the entire Variety trial. This illustrates our crop was really able to get the most out of the growing window, then add fruit in a much more optimum time-frame than the same variety having to be replanted later.

Now, all we need is the ginned results which will be forthcoming once the crop has been picked in a few weeks….

… be continued.

Download the Pdf version here: CSD Trial Data_04_2017