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OneCrop’s Second Season Starts in the USA

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Norseman Machinery Imports headed off once again to the USA for the second year after amazing results were had last season.
This year an additional TechniPlantFL planter and a larger shipment of OneCrop film where shipped in early 2018, States bound, with the first stop being Mississippi.
The Norseman planter all set up for 30″ spacing, loaded with seed and film … ready to go. Off to a great start! The first two passes laid perfectly, condensation already forming under the film.

Next Stop North East Louisiana

Onto Texas

It was time to get the newly shipped 8 Row TechniPlantFL dirty The first cotton under film already starting to germinate
Sweet corn, Minnesota Once again early germination due to the increased soil temperature and moisture under the film
A new crop for the OneCrop film, Industrial Hemp plants in Kentucky Inter row cultivation and hand thinning begins this week. The seedlings are look strong and healthy
Above: Video footage of film laying in progress Missouri 2018
Above 4 images taken 19th May 2018 – Blyth, CA 10 days to 2 weeks ahead of  crop that was not laid under film
Images courtesy of Michael Freeman of Norseman Machinery, Toowoomba, Australia.

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