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OneCrop® Pre-emergent degradable films have been specially designed for use in broadacre cropping. OneCrop® has been proven with extensive independent validation with the QDPI and CSIRO to ensure the product and system have the benefit to the grower and their business.

Innovative technology

Over our many years of testing, OneCrop® has developed Australia’s first degradable film specifically designed for boosting seed germination, yield, plant quality and aiding in water conservation in broadacre and row cropping practices.

OneCrop® pre-emergent film used in Australian Cotton production is a clear film with precision perforations to allow the germinating seed below to easily break though the film yet still benefit from the film’s ability to create a microclimate.

Utilising the OneCrop® Pre-emergent film system to create a microclimate for your crop, will also aid towards quicker and more consistent seed germination, early plant vigour, lock in moisture, which helps towards water conservation and assists crop development, creating improvement in yield potential.

OneCrop® is also environmentally sound, both for soil and your crop.

Why Use OneCrop Products?
  • Faster and more consistent seed germination
  • Raising Soil temperature both during the day and night
  • Early plant vigour leading to stronger, larger, healthier plants
  • Moisture retention (visible within 20 mins of application in field)
  • Potential to save water, reduction in irrigation requirement and cost
  • Help in risk mitigation of crop replants

What is being said about our Products?