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OneCrop specializes in the design and manufacture of pre-emergent degradable agricultural films and the first prize winner of the 2018 Future Foods Asia Award . We produce a variety of film formats to suit both the Horticultural and Broadacre practices. Our films are uniquely designed to work in a variety of cropping systems across the majority of soil types and climates around the world. OneCrop is the market leading brand, in Australian degradable pre-emergence film.

What make us different?

We understand that system and practice vary across agriculture. We take a “tailor-made” solution to problems . We design our films to be flexible and controllable to meet the varied demands of specific farming requirements.

  • The Future Food video link below shows OneCrop CEO Andrew Logan explaining with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation what makes us stand out from the crowd
  • We are Solutions orientated, challenging technology and conventional thinking
  • Grower centric, listening to what our growers need
  • We amplify the positive effects created by our systems to maximise returns


We believe independent validation of our products and systems are mandatory. OneCrop film has been proven with extensive independent qualification with the QDPI and CSIRO to ensure the product and system have both benefits to the crop, grower and their business. OneCrop has developed Australia’s first degradable film specifically designed for boosting water conservation, yield, and quality in broadacre and row crop farming. It is the number one brand for pre-emergence film for broadacre cropping, globally.

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Water Saving

A minimum of 12% water efficiency improvement

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Plant Vigour

Typically twice the plant mass the crop is more resilient

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Increased Yield

Bring potential yield and actual yield much closer together

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Techni-Plant FL Precision planter / film layer

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OneCrop’s 2018-19 Australian cotton season in review. All footage was taken on Australian cotton farms. These farms had contracted the use of the the Norseman TechniplantFL seeding and OneCrop film layer. Click Here  to View the Video